Sub-accounts allow Bullish Exchange Institutional customers to set up multiple Trading accounts under their Institution account, each with separate balances, positions, and users.  Profits and losses are also tracked individually within each Trading account, which enables Institutions to isolate and manage different trading strategies or keep customer accounts separate.  Institutions may have up to a maximum of 50 Trading accounts

To simplify management of funds, all deposits and withdrawals on the Bullish exchange are managed through a single Trading account called the Primary Account.  Funds may be transferred between the Primary Account and any other Trading account within the same Institution account, free of charge via the Bullish Trading API or the Bullish exchange web interface. 

Currently multiple Trading accounts are only available for Institutional customers. 


Users and permissions

Once a user has been on-boarded onto the Bullish exchange they can be granted access to one or more Trading accounts under their Institution.  User permissions are set individually for each trading account. For example, a user could have spot trading privileges on one Trading account but read-only access on another.  Available permissions include:

  • Read access
  • Spot trading 
  • AMM instructions
  • Transfer funds between Trading accounts (must have transfer privileges on both source and destination accounts)
  • Custody deposit/withdraw (applies to Primary Account only)
  • Creation/deletion of API keys

An Authorized Representative can create API keys in the Bullish UI to grant their users access via API. If a user requires access to the Bullish UI, the Authorized Representative will need to contact their Bullish Relationship Manager to update their permissions. 

API Keys and Rate Limits

API keys are associated with a specific user and can be used across multiple Trading accounts which are chosen when the key is created.  Since an API key can now be used to access multiple Trading accounts in a single session, the Trading API has been updated to require the target trading account (tradingAccountID) to be specified for each call.   You can find the Bullish API guide at api.exchange.bullish.com/docs/api/rest/

API rate limiting is enforced per Trading account, regardless of the number of users accessing the account.


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