Withdrawing digital assets from a trading account

Digital assets must be transferred to a Primary Account to be withdrawn. There are no fees for funds transferred between the Primary Account and any other Trading Account within the same Institutional account.

To withdraw funds from a sub-account, the digital assets must be transferred to the Primary Account:

  1. Go to the left-hand navigation and choose Portfolio.
    Portfolio in lefthand navigation.png
  2. Choose Transfer.
  3. Select Primary Account as the destination account
    Primary account selected.png

  4. Select the digital asset that you want to withdraw from the list of assets.
  5. Enter the amount.
  6. Choose Complete Transfer.

    Once the assets have been transferred to the Primary Account, you can withdraw them.
    Note: You must have withdraw permissions on the Primary Account to complete a withdrawal.
  7. Go to the left-hand navigation and choose Portfolio.
  8. Choose Withdraw.
  9. Choose the currency from the list.
    Withdrawal pop up.png
  10. Read through the instructions on the pop-up window and choose I Understand.

    Note: This call to action is flagging the evolving landscape related to the Travel Rule and potential impacts to withdrawals from Bullish to financial entities (e.g. exchanges) within specific jurisdictions (e.g. Canada, Singapore, Japan).
  11. Choose a Destination and enter the Amount to withdraw.
  12. Choose Review.
  13. Choose Confirm, if the information is correct. Otherwise, choose Go Back and edit the information.
  14. Use your two-factor authenticator (passkey or TOTP authentication) to complete the process.



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