Enabling margin services

Important: Margin trading is high risk and only available to eligible professional investors in select locations. Margin trading is not available in Hong Kong or to Hong Kong users.

Warning: Margin trading is a high risk activity. Please read carefully the Risk Warnings and Appendix 2, Terms for Lending Services on Bullish.com.

Once your institution has been on-boarded onto the Bullish exchange, you can ask to enable margin trading on any of your trading accounts.

Each trading account is risk-siloed from other trading accounts and behavior on one will not impact any other. Many clients prefer to create additional trading account(s) for trading margin and only use the primary trading account for deposits and withdrawals.

To enable margin trading, please ask your Authorized Representative to contact the Bullish Relationship Manager and set the Maximum Initial Leverage. Leverages can vary from 1x (Margin Disabled) up to 3x.

Configuration Detail
Trading Account Maximum Initial Leverage The highest leverage that you may deliberately reach, for instance by borrowing to trade.


Note: Manage your trading risks by having a specific trading account for margin trading.
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