Understanding interest charges

Important: Margin trading is high risk and only available to eligible professional investors in select locations. Margin trading is not available in Hong Kong or to Hong Kong users.

Warning: Margin trading is a high risk activity. Please read carefully the Risk Warnings and Appendix 2, Terms for Lending Services on Bullish.com.

Interest for lenders

Interest charges are incurred when you borrow assets through Margin Services. Please see section 8 of the Terms.

Interest charges for borrowers

  • Interest is calculated on each loan at the applicable APR and is payable by borrowers.

  • Interest is paid each hour, up front, from the moment of opening a loan.

  • A minimum of one hour’s interest is calculated and is payable on each loan, even if the loan’s period is shorter than one hour or the loan is repaid sooner.

Calculating interest charges for borrowers

When you agree to borrow a certain amount from one or more lenders, the hourly interest charge is calculated using the following formula:

Borrower Interest Charge = ((1 + APR)^(1/365 x 24) - 1) x Borrow x (1 + Multiplier x Taker Fee)


Annual Percentage Rate (APR): The rate paid to lender for the given asset
Borrow: The amount that is borrowed from the lender(s)
Multiplier: Multiplier of the taker fee applicable to all borrowers
Taker Fee: The borrower’s individual taker fee

Calculation example

APR (Annual Percentage Rate) = 10% (0.1)
Borrow (Amount borrowed) = 2 BTC
InterestTakerMultiplier = 1000
Taker Fee = 0.01% (0.0001)

Borrower Interest Charge 

= (1.10^(1/8760)-1)x2 BTC x (1+1000x0.0001)

= 0.00002394 BTC (for one hour)

Please note that this is just an example calculation based on the given formula and values provided, and actual interest charges may vary depending on various factors.

See Appendix 2 Terms for Lending Services, 16. Payments and Calculations 
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