Important: Margin trading is only offered to eligible institutional customers with trading accounts.
Warning: Margin trading is a high risk activity. Please read carefully the Risk Warnings and Terms for Margin Services on


Margin panel

The Margin panel provides an overview of your borrowing power when considering a potential trade. When you first open the trade page the panel shows information about your current use of margin. When you enter details of a potential trade the panel changes to show information about your expected use of margin, if you were to send that order.

Margin panel Current to Expected leverage.gif


  Item    Purpose
  Health indicator Shows your current or expected account health
  Leverage Shows your current or expected leverage 
  Incremental borrow Shows how much (if any) incremental borrowing you are likely to need
  Total borrow Shows the current or expected total amount borrowed of the given asset. You may be borrowing other assets in addition to the one shown


To trade on margin

To trade on margin, your trading account must first have margin trading enabled. The Authorized Representative of your institution can increase the account’s Maximum Initial Leverage from 1x (margin disabled) to 2x or 3x.

To begin margin trading:

  1. Go to the left-hand navigation and choose Trade.
    Trade in lefthand navigation.png

  2. Turn on margin trading by switching the toggle.
    Margin toggle.gif

  3. Choose Margin and Buy/Sell. Choose the type of order you wish to send.
    Order panel.gif

  4. Enter the Amount, Price, and Time in Force.

  5. Confirm Buy or Sell in the Order Confirmation pop-up window to place the margin order.
    Confirm Order in Margin Market order.png

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