Important: Margin trading is only offered to institutional customers with trading accounts.
Warning: Margin trading is a high risk activity. Please read carefully the Risk Warnings and Terms for Margin Services on
Important: While a loan offer is being used it cannot be terminated. If you wish to terminate a loan offer which is being used please speak to your Relationship Manager who will coordinate with the borrowers that have received your assets under margin loans to repay their loans in a timely manner, allowing you to terminate your loan offer.

If none of your assets under a loan offer are used to fund margin loans, then the loan offer is immediately terminated and the assets associated with the loan offer(which automatically includes accrued interest) are returned to your spot balance.

To terminate a loan offer:

  1. Go to the left-hand navigation and choose Portfolio.
    Portfolio on lefthand navigation.png
  2. Choose Lending.
    Lending tab highlighted.png

  3. Choose X on the far-right hand side of your loan offer. Are you sure you want to terminate this loan? pop-up window will display the details of your loan offer.
    X button on Loan Offer.png

  4. Choose Confirm.
    Confirm in Loan offer termination.png

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