Note: If you are withdrawing funds from your Bullish account via the Fireblocks Exchange Network for the first time, you are required to perform a one-time action to re-whitelist all your existing crypto accounts. If you want to add new crypto accounts, see Managing your digital asset accounts.

To re-whitelist your crypto accounts:

  1. Go to your User Menu in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Choose Crypto Accounts.
    Crypto Accounts in Settings.png
  4. Choose the drop-down of the crypto account and choose Re-whitelist.
    Re-whitelist button.png
  5. Choose Confirm.
    Confirm in Re-whitelist pop up.png
  6. Enter your 6-digit Bullish PIN and choose Confirm.

  7. Perform WebAuthn.

Note: You also need to whitelist your withdrawal destination addresses in your Fireblocks workspace. See Fireblocks' article on Whitelisting new addresses.
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