Note: If you are withdrawing funds from your Bullish account via the Fireblocks Exchange Network for the first time, you are required to perform a one-time action to re-whitelist all your existing crypto accounts.

If you want to add new crypto accounts, see Managing your crypto accounts.

For institutional customers that have multiple trading accounts, note that deposits and withdrawals are only enabled in the primary trading account (also known as the main account in Fireblocks).

To re-whitelist your crypto accounts:

  1. Go to the left-hand navigation and choose Settings.
    Settings in lefthand navigation.png
  2. Choose Crypto Accounts.
    Crypto Accounts tab in Settings.png
  3. Choose the drop-down of the crypto account and choose Re-whitelist.
    Re-whitelist button in crypto account.png
  4. Choose Confirm.
    Confirm button in Re-whitelist crypto account.png
  5. Use your two-factor authenticator (passkey or TOTP authentication) to complete the process. A message will appear once the address is successfully whitelisted.
Note: You also need to whitelist your withdrawal destination addresses in your Fireblocks workspace. See Fireblocks' article on Whitelisting new addresses.
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