How to connect your Bullish account to Fireblocks

What is Fireblocks

Fireblocks Exchange Network is an ecosystem where customers can instantly connect with other trading venues (liquidity providers, lending desks, counter-parties) and allow assets to be transferred between exchanges. The large network connectivity between institutions facilitates faster transfers and settlement for their customers.

Connecting your Bullish account to Fireblocks

To configure your Bullish account to connect to Fireblocks, you would need:

  • Fireblocks API key (alphanumeric) - Fireblocks API key will be the unique identifier that authenticates requests associated with your account, and
  • API Private key

Creating your API keys

To generate your Fireblocks API key:

  1. Go to your User Menu in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Choose Settings.
    Settings drop down from user menu.gif
  3. Choose API Keys.
  4. Choose Add API Key.
  5. Choose Custody Key.
  6. Choose Fireblocks Key.
  7. Choose Continue, then enter the key name, the trading accounts it is allowed to access (Institutional customers only), and generate a new key.
  8. Choose Continue.

  9. Enter your 6-digit Bullish PIN and choose Confirm.

  10. Perform WebAuthn.

  11. You can copy your API Private Key and your Fireblocks' API Key.
Note: You need to set up your Fireblocks account to be able to connect it to your Bullish account.


Configuring your Fireblocks account

To finish the registration steps, you will need to go to Fireblocks, and connect the Bullish account to Fireblocks.

  1. In the Fireblocks Console, go to My Funds

  2. Choose Accounts.

  3. Choose Exchanges.
    Fireblocks Accounts Exchanges.png

  4. Select + Exchange Account
    Add Exchanges.png

  5. Enter the name you want to give for this exchange account on Fireblocks. 

  6. Enter the Fireblocks API Key that you saved from Bullish. 

  7. Enter the API Private key that you saved from Bullish (include “-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----” and “-----END PRIVATE KEY-----”)

  8. Select Connect Account.

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