How do I configure FIX connectivity for my trading account?

Bullish clients can authorize individual traders within an institution to trade on the Bullish exchange via FIX API. FIX connections can be configured by an Authorized Representative through the Bullish exchange web interface.

To configure FIX connections:

  1. Go to the left-hand navigation and choose Settings.
    Settings in lefthand navigation.png
  2. Choose FIX Credential.
    FIX Credential tab in Settings.png
  3. Choose Add FIX Credential.
    Add FIX Credential button.png
  4. In the Add FIX Credential pop-up window, enter the Credential Name and select the Users and Trading Account(s). Then you can enter or generate a Password.
    Note: Individual user permissions are still enforced when connecting via FIX. Users who are given access to FIX must have permission to access all of the trading accounts that are configured for the credential.
    Enter FIX Credential info.png
  5. Choose Authenticate Credential.
  6. Use your two-factor authenticator (passkey or TOTP authentication) to complete the process.
  7. Save your FIX password and choose Confirm.
    Save FIX password.png

The Authorized Representative will be able to select the users within their institution who should have access to the FIX connection, as well as the Trading Accounts that should be accessible via FIX, before setting the password.

Note:This configuration must be updated whenever a new user or trading account is added that requires FIX access. Currently edit is not supported so the credential must be deleted and recreated, but the user has the option to reuse the same password if they choose to minimize disruption.I'm a neutral info callout!

To reset an existing FIX password

Important: Log out all your existing FIX sessions before editing the password. Additionally, avoid logging in with your existing credentials while the credentials are being changed.
  1. Navigate to Settings choose FIX credential.
  2. Next choose reset.


To delete an existing FIX password: 

  1. Navigate to Settings choose FIX credential.
  2. Choose delete.


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