Connecting Bullish Account to Fireblocks for Deposit and Withdrawal

Connecting your Bullish Account to Fireblocks for Deposit and Withdrawal

To configure your Bullish account to connect to Fireblocks, you will need:

  • UUID (alphanumeric) - UUID will be the unique identifier that authenticates requests associated with your account, and
  • API Private key 

Creating your API keys

To generate your Fireblocks API key:

  1. Go to the left-hand navigation and choose Settings.
    Settings in lefthand navigation.png
  2. Choose API Keys.
    API Keys tab in Settings.png
  3. Choose Add API Key.
    Add API Key button.png
  4. Choose Custody Key.
    ECDSA Custody Key in Add API key pop up.png
  5. Choose ECDSA and under Permissions, select Withdraw.
    Note: If you have multiple trading accounts set up and would like to enable transfers on Fireblocks, please select both Withdraw and Transfer under Permissions.
    Select ECDSA and Transfers in Add Custody API Key window.png
  6. In the Add Custody API Key pop up window, enter your IP addresses (Start Range and End Range). For Fireblocks IP, please enter for both Start and End Range.
    Note: You are advised to visit the Fireblocks Help Center article on managing your workspace to get the most updated Fireblocks IP address.
    Enter IP Range in Add Custody API Key .png
  7. Choose Continue and enter the key name. Then, select Primary account (if you have multiple trading accounts, select the primary account and all other relevant trading account(s) from the drop down list), and generate a new key.
    Select trading accounts in Add Custody API Key window.png
  8. Choose Continue.
  9. Use your two-factor authenticator (passkey or TOTP authentication) to complete the process.
  10. You can copy your API Private Key and UUID.
    Fireblocks Custody Key Generated.png
    Note: Your Fireblocks account must be setup in order to connect it to your Bullish account.

Configuring your Fireblocks account

Note: Institutional customers that have the sub-account structure enabled can manage transfers between trading accounts in Fireblocks. To access the transfer functionality, you can configure your Bullish trading accounts to Fireblocks.

To finish the registration steps, you will need to go to Fireblocks, and connect the Bullish account to Fireblocks.

  1. In the Fireblocks Console, go to My Funds.
  2. Choose Accounts.
  3. Choose Exchanges.
    Fireblocks Accounts Exchanges.png
  4. Select + Exchange Account
    Add Exchanges.png
  5. Select Bullish and select Main Account.
  6. Enter the name you want to give for this exchange account on Fireblocks. 
  7. Enter the UUID that you saved from Bullish into the ‘API Key’ field in Fireblocks.
  8. Enter the API Private key that you saved from Bullish (include “-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----” and “-----END PRIVATE KEY-----”) into the “API Secret” field in Fireblocks“.
    Enter UUID and API Private Key in Fireblocks.png
  9. Select Connect Account.
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