How do I export my account activity history?

You can access and download your account activity from the History screen. The account activity history currently includes the following types of transactions. 

  • Trades
  • Spot Asset Balance
  • Sub-account Transfer
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals

If you require a transaction type not listed above, please contact our customer support team for assistance.

Important notes:

  • The export will download as one a zip file, with one csv file for each transaction type. A readme.txt file is also provided, including account related information, report description and data dictionary. 
  • It usually takes a few minutes for reports to be ready. If the file is too large or the daily limit of 100 requests per sub-account is exceeded, your request will fail.
  • You may only request the account activity history for the sub-account that you have access to.
  • Your exported files are available for downloading for 30 days. After 30 days, you may submit a new request.
  • Additional transaction types will be supported in the future.

To export your account activity history:

  1. Log into your Bullish account.

  2. Go to the left-hand navigation and choose History. 
    Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 11.08.09 AM.png

  3. Go to the Exports tab.
    Exports Button.png
  4. Select the Transaction Type(s) specify the Time Span and the Dates.
    Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 11.03.38 AM.png
  5. Choose Export to submit the request. 
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