What email notifications will I receive from Bullish?

As part of our account security, Bullish sends email notifications when the following activities are conducted on the exchange:

  • Logging in
    • API, Bullish exchange website, and FIX logins will generate an email notification.
  • Resetting password
    • When your Bullish account password is updated, an email notification confirming the password has been changed will be sent to your Bullish account email address. Updating your Bullish account password is a privileged action that requires 2FA.
  • Executing trades
    • Bullish will notify you when there is trade activity on your Bullish account, an email notification will be sent. For institutional customers, emails will be sent to the Authorized Representative. You are able to opt-out of these emails through Settings > Alerts
  • The following changes to your account will generate an email notification:

Withdrawals                                                        Password change

Crypto account re-whitelist                              Security question change

Add API key                                                        Add/secure crypto account

Add/reset FIX credential                                   Changes to user contact info

Add authenticator 


Managing Bullish email notifications

By default, all email notifications will be enabled when your account is set up. You may enable or disable email notifications when allowed by regulations. To manage email notifications, go to Settings > Alerts.

Important: Due to regulations, customers with accounts registered in Hong Kong are only allowed to disable trade execution notifications. All other notifications are required by regulations and will not have the option to be disabled.

Updating email notifications

1. From the left navigation panel, select Settings > Alerts.
Settings in lefthand navigation.png

2. Toggle the button for each notification type to enable (blue) or disable (grey).
Notification Settings Idea.png

3. Review the Warning. Choose Continue if you wish to proceed. OptOutNotice.png

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