Note: You can have a maximum of 50 API keys. This includes keys that are stored as well as keys that are generated in Bullish.

To add an API key:

  1. Go to your User Menu in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Choose Settings.
    2022-11-03_13-46-21 (1)
  3. Choose API Keys.
  4. Choose Add API Key.
    Add an API key button
  5. First, select the type of key that you would like to add. HMAC or Bullish Keys are supported for Trading, and Fireblocks or Bullish Keys are supported for Custody.

    API Type.png
  6. Set the desired permissions and IP whitelists for the new key. Multiple IP ranges can be added if necessary.

    Add Trading Key.png
  7. Choose Continue, then enter the key name, the trading accounts it is allowed to access (Institutional customers only), and either generate a new key or enter an existing oneGenerate API.png
  8. Authenticate the action with your PIN and Passkey.
  9. Copy and save your API private key in a secure place.


Save Key.png

The API Key is now saved and will appear in the API Key listing in Settings.

The name of an API key may be changed. Any additional properties that you wish to change require that you delete the key and add a new one. The same private key may be re-added in Step 7, if you choose not to generate a new one.

If you want to reset an API key, visit our API documentation.

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