Using an incorrect wallet address to deposit or withdraw assets

Depositing assets into Bullish with the wrong deposit memo or address

To deposit assets into your Bullish spot account, you will be asked by your external platform to input a deposit memo for EOS and USD, destination tag for XRP or deposit address, (for other supported digital assets).

If, after completing your transfer, you realize that you have incorrectly entered the above deposit details or have forgotten to enter the memo, please reach out to our Customer Support for assistance.

Note: To avoid inputting an incorrect deposit memo or address, choose the copy icon on the far-right of the Bullish deposit pop-up window.

Withdrawing assets from Bullish to an incorrect wallet address

If you have entered the wrong external wallet address and your withdrawal request has already been confirmed, Bullish cannot retrieve your funds. Please contact the intended recipient or entity, (e.g. another exchange), to assist you.

Important: Before making any transfers to or from Bullish, we highly encourage you to double-check that all the details you enter are correct. Failure to do so may put you at risk of permanently losing your funds. Please note that Bullish will not be liable to you for any damage or losses caused by errors or omissions or any actions taken by Bullish at your direction.

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