Using multi-factor authentication with WebAuthn

Bullish uses multi-factor authentication instead of passwords to provide a secondary layer of security via WebAuthn, a strong and secure method of web authentication. This reduces the chances of outside access to your account and protects your personal information.

Bullish sends a one-time link to your registered email address every time you log into Bullish, then requires a 6-digit Bullish PIN and authentication with WebAuthn using either built-in biometrics, (e.g. fingerprint on supported passkey), or an external hardware passkey, (such as a YubiKey®), in order to log in.

Note: If you are unable to proceed with biometric or external hardware passkey authentication, you will not be able to create an account with Bullish.

You will be prompted to use multi-factor authentication when performing high-privilege actions, such as:

  • Logging in
  • Generating/saving API keys
  • Registering/removing a passkey
  • Adding/removing a cryptocurrency withdrawal address/account
  • Adding/removing a bank account
  • Updating name/address
  • Updating your Bullish PIN
  • Adding/terminating Automated Market Maker Instructions
  • Depositing/withdrawing cryptocurrency or fiat
Important: Automated Market Making Instructions can only be submitted by institutional customers.

Passkey with (built-in) biometric authentication

Passkey with biometric authenticators are devices, such as laptops and smartphones, which can help access platforms using your fingerprint or face ID.

Important: When you enable biometrics on a passkey, any biometric identifiers stored on that device can be used to log into Bullish. We highly recommend using biometric authentication only if your biometric identifier is the only one stored on the passkey.

External hardware passkey

External hardware passkeys, such as YubiKey®, can be connected to your devices you use to access Bullish through USB, Bluetooth or NFC, (Near-Field Communication). You can use any type of USB passkey as long as they are FIDO2 compliant.

Learn more about which browsers and devices support WebAuthn for Bullish.

See how WebAuthn works with Bullish in this educational video:

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