Managing your margin position

Warning: Margin trading is a high risk activity. Please read carefully the Risk Warnings on

Opening multiple margin positions

You can borrow additional funds and add them into your open margin position until the leverage is fully used. However, you can only open multiple margin positions in the same market simultaneously if the orders are similar.

For example, you can open a long position of five BTC and add one BTC to the open position.

However, you cannot place one long position and one short position at the same time. 

For example, if you have a long position of five BTC and you may not open a short position of five BTC at the same time.

Margin interest rates

Margin interest is compound interest calculated on an hourly basis. When placing a margin order, the daily interest rate of your position will be shown in the Order Confirmation pop-up window.

Once filled, details of your position, including margin interest, will be shown on the Trade and Orders screens. Visit Repaying your margin loan to learn more about viewing your margin interest rates.

Closing a margin position

There are two ways to close a margin position:

  1. Transferring funds to cover the loan
  2. Placing an opposite order

Transferring funds from spot to margin

  1. Go to the left-hand navigation and choose Trade.
  2. Choose Margin in the Order Form.
  3. Choose Transfer.
  4. Transfer funds from your spot account to your margin account to completely cover the margin loan.

Placing an opposite order

Place an opposite order of the same amount as your initial margin order. For instance, if you previously entered a buy margin order of US$10,000, place a sell order of US$10,000 to close your position.

Important: Automated market making is available within the upper and lower price boundaries of our range-bound liquidity pools and for our standard liquidity pools. Returns may vary with our range-bound versus standard liquidity pools. Learn more by reviewing important information about our range-bound and standard liquidity pools at 

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