Suspending or terminating your account

Bullish reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account with seven days’ prior notice. However, we may be entitled to immediately suspend or terminate it with or without notice in certain situations. These include circumstances where we consider that:

  • You have violated any of the terms listed in our Terms of Service.
  • You have provided any incorrect, incomplete, or misleading information to us.
  • Funds held in your account were disputed, encumbered, unlawfully possessed, or linked to an illegitimate source.
  • We received a request from a regulatory, governmental, tax or law enforcement authority.
  • Your location or nationality is a prohibited or restricted jurisdiction.
  • There is unauthorized or suspicious activity in relation to your account.

When an account is suspended

In most cases, you will receive a notification advising you of your account’s suspension/termination. However, there may be situations where your account is suspended without notice in line with our Terms of Service. A suspended account means that:

  • You may login and view your account.
  • You cannot trade or deposit/withdraw.
  • All open orders and AMM Instructions will be canceled.
  • If approved by our Compliance Team, we will reopen the account so you can withdraw your funds from the exchange.
  • Active API and user interface sessions will be terminated.
Note: A suspended account can be then terminated or reactivated depending on the situation. Please refer to the Terms of Service for more information on termination or suspension of accounts.

When an account is terminated

If an account is terminated, the account owner will be off-boarded and no longer allowed to trade on Bullish. A terminated account means:

  • You cannot reactivate the account.
  • You cannot use the account to login, trade, deposit/withdraw, etc.
Important: If an account is terminated or suspended, there may be circumstances in which funds may not be returned to the customer. Please refer to the Terms of Service for more information on termination or suspension of accounts.

If you have any questions about your account’s suspension or termination, contact Customer Support for further assistance.

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