Note: Please be aware that currently we only support the secp256r1 key type.

For example purposes only:
Example secp256r1 key format:

To use your own key as your Bullish API Key:

  1. Use your own tool to generate a secp256r1 public/private key pair.
  2. Go to your User Menu in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Choose Settings.
    Settings drop down from user menu
  4. Navigate to API Keys.
  5. Choose Add API Key.
  6. Choose Add Existing API Key.
    Add existing key pop up window
  7. Input the secp256r1 public key that you generated in step one.
  8. Choose the Permissions drop-down menu to disable spot trading or to whitelist an IP address.
    Permissions drop down menu

  9. Choose Continue.

  10. Enter your 6-digit Bullish PIN and choose Confirm.

  11. Perform WebAuthn.

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