Troubleshooting login issues

There might be one of several reasons as to why you’re having trouble logging into your Bullish account.

Unregistered device

If you created your account with one device, (e.g. personal laptop), and you are trying to log into Bullish via another device, (e.g. your smartphone), unless you have registered both devices under your account, you will not be able to access Bullish using your second device, (or any other unregistered devices).

Visit Managing your passkeys to learn more.

Your new device does not support biometric authentication

Bullish uses multi-factor authentication instead of passwords to provide a secondary layer of security. This reduces the chances of outside access to your account and protects your personal information.

If your personal device, (e.g. laptop, desktop computer), does not support biometric authentication, we recommend you use an external hardware passkey, such as YubiKey®, to register your device.

You will not be able to log in without biometric or external hardware passkey authentication.

Your browser does not support WebAuthn

There may be instances when your browser or operating system does not support WebAuthn. Visit Choosing a browser and operating system that Bullish supports for WebAuthn to learn more.

Your jurisdiction is not supported

Due to local laws and restrictions, Bullish cannot be accessed in certain localities.

Wrong Bullish PIN

Make sure you have entered the correct 6-digit Bullish PIN that you used to create your account. If you have lost your Bullish PIN, you will need to recover your account.

Wrong email address

Make sure that you have entered the correct email address used to create your account.

The login verification email may be in your spam folder

After entering your correct email address when logging in, Bullish sends a verification email with a login link for you to enter your Bullish PIN, perform WebAuthn, and access the Bullish exchange. If you do not see the email in your inbox, make sure to check it isn’t in your spam folder.

Note: If you still cannot log in after troubleshooting the above, please reach out to our Customer Support for assistance.
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