Recovering your account

Bullish requires the following elements to create and secure your account:

    1. Your password, and
    2. Your Two-Factor Authenticator which include:
      a. A passkey
      b. TOTP (time-based one-time password) authenticator such Google Authenticator and Authy

They are required each time you log into your account. If you’ve lost access to your password you can start the account recovery process to reset it. If you’ve lost access to your 2FA(s) please contact Bullish Customer Support.

Note: We recommend to have more than one 2FA configured to your account as backup.

Registering a new password

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Recover next to Forgot your password?.
    Login without Add passkey
  3. Enter you email address and choose CONTINUE.
    Enter your email in Account Recovery.png
  4. Check your email for the verification code. Go back to the login screen and enter the verification code.
    Enter verification code .png
  5. Answer your security question and choose CONTINUE.
    Answer your security question Acount Recovery.png
  6. Enter your new password and choose CONTINUE.
    Create password with requirements.png
  7. Use your passkey for WebAuthn or your TOTP authenticator to approve this action.
    Approve Change Password.png
  8. You will be redirected to the login screen with the pop-up message that your passkey has been created.
    Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 11.17.55 PM.png

Recovering your TOTP app

If you lost access to your TOTP authenticator app, you can recover it using the secret recovery key.

To recover your TOTP app if you are using Google Authenticator:

  1. Open the Google Authenticator app.
  2. Add a new account and choose Enter a setup key.
  3. In the account details page, enter the email address you used to register your Bullish account, and the secret recovery key.
  4. Choose Add.

Full Account Recovery

If you forgot your password, and lost access to your 2FA, as well as the answer to the security question, please contact Bullish Customer Support from the email account you used to register on Bullish.

Note: Customer Support may ask for additional documentation to complete the account recovery process, (i.e. passport, driver's license or other form of a government-issued ID), and a photo of yourself holding your ID to confirm your identity.
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