Securing your account on mobile devices

Operating Software

Bullish is designed to be most secure on mobile devices with the following software versions.


  • Software version 7 or above
    SDK 24-29 or above with TEE (software trusted execution environment) or Secure Element (hardware secure element)


  • Software version 14.2 or above

Bullish might not work on modified or rooted devices. As a reminder, you are responsible for making all arrangements necessary for you to have access to Bullish, including the technology and devices necessary to access and use the Services and for adopting appropriate cybersecurity measures.

Please refer to Risk Warnings with respect to risks related to using Bullish’s software and systems.

Two-factor Authentication

Bullish uses two-factor authentication which includes both your password and an authenticator. Your mobile device must support biometric authentication (fingerprint or face ID) or use an external hardware passkey that is FIDO2 compliant.

Note: Bullish does not currently have a mobile app.
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