How does Bullish maintain its deep liquidity?

The Bullish Hybrid Order Book provides deep liquidity by joining together a traditional central limit order book with an Automated Market Maker (AMM) mechanism into a combined Bullish Hybrid Order Book.

Bullish AMM provides liquidity at prices calculated based on the size of the liquidity pool and the ratio of assets in utilization. This pool-based mechanism provides predictable liquidity - assets are available for purchase and sale, at predictable prices, without the need for other market participants to send opposite-side orders to the exchange.

Customers can also post limit orders in addition to the AMM liquidity pool creating greater depth in the Hybrid Order Book.

Important: Automated market making is available within the upper and lower price boundaries of our range-bound liquidity pools and for our standard liquidity pools. Returns may vary with our range-bound versus standard liquidity pools. Learn more by reviewing important information about our range-bound and standard liquidity pools at 

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